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This project was jointly developed by two friends and Mompreneurs: Iliana Cogan from WordsCount & Anat Garzon from Anatgraphics.

The KindnessATM, born in 2013, it is a real ATM machine that spreads & rewards kindness. Our main goal is to inspire joy and happiness, promoting kindness and sharing among people.


This happens through an interactive platform, which you can access by doing acts of kindness. When someone nominates you for your kindness, for being respectful, for being positive, among other good behaviors, you receive a code to access the ATM.


The KindnessATM experience, creates kind environments and keeps the happiness going by giving others the opportunity to pay it forward.

Once you have received your code, the Kindness ATM allows you to choose a prize from a number of customization options, like movie tickets, gift cards and toys. After you have chosen your prize, the ATM gives you two prizes. One prize for you to keep and the other to share with another community, staff or family members.

The central purpose of this initiative is to offer people the possibility to be recognized and to recognize others for their positive attitudes, empowering them to create an environment of inclusion and kindness. 

Recent research shows that people feel happier when they share their accomplishments and success with others. Studies demonstrate satisfaction levels increase when people are given the chance to share and be kind to each other. 

The KindnessATM has to be sponsored by either companies or individuals that believe in social consciousness.*

Kindness has no boundaries, we believe every school, business place, hospital or private event can benefit from our KindnessATM anywhere in the world.













  • Prices may vary depending on how many people participate.

  • For a KindnessATM with 40 prizes (20 people), the price starts at $1000

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