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This amazing project was a creation between two friends and Mompreneurs: Iliana Cogan from WordsCount and Anat Garzon from Anatgraphics. Together, they brought this exciting project to life, dedicated to spreading joy and kindness in a unique way.

The KindnessATM, born in 2013, is an actual ATM machine dedicated to spreading and rewarding kindness. Our mission is to promote, reward and educate a culture of kindness in communities and organizations, based on the principle of “paying it forward”.

This is achieved through an interactive platform that can be accessed by performing acts of kindness. When someone nominates you for your kindness, respectfulness, positivity, or other commendable behaviors, you receive a code to access the KindnessATM.

The KindnessATM experience fosters kind environments and sustains the chain of happiness by providing others with the opportunity to pay it forward.


Once you have received your code, the KindnessATM allows you to select a prize from a variety of customization options, such as movie tickets, gift cards, and toys. After choosing your prize, the ATM awards you with two prizes — one prize for you to keep and the other to share with a community, staff, or family members.

The core purpose of this initiative is to empower individuals to be recognized for their positive attitudes and enable them to recognize others, thereby creating an inclusive and kind environment.

Recent research shows that people feel happier when they share their accomplishments and success with others. Studies demonstrate satisfaction levels increase when people are given the chance to share and be kind to each other. 

The sponsorship of the KindnessATM can be undertaken by companies or individuals who believe in social consciousness.

Kindness knows no boundaries, and we firmly believe that every school, workplace, hospital, or private event worldwide can benefit from the presence of our KindnessATM.













  • Prices may vary depending on the number of individuals participating.

  • For a KindnessATM experience that includes 40 prizes (20 people per activity), the price starts at $1000.

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